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Why Can’t I Be Loved?

Peace to you!

I’m getting older as time passes by. I come in contact with all kinds of people. I’ve always been a well rounded person and I am beautiful inside more than out. I have a wonderful son that I have been blessed to watch grow and develop into his own. I have family members who care. At times though I stare at the ceiling and walls and wonder, what is wrong with me? Why am I not loved by a significant other?

Maybe it’s the times we are living in. So many distractions and freedom to expose body parts. Sexual freedom to explore without immediate consequences sometimes. It just seems like no one wants to settle and build but rather pay to play. But what true satisfaction does one get out of such degradation?

I’ve always dreamed of being a wife and having a family of my own. In reality, I still desire these things but what if I’m not meant to be a wife? What if there will always be men who are interested in me but not interested in making me their wife? I mean really, should I be content with intentional heartache? I deserve the best, I deserve love, honesty and happiness.

I have no answers for the future. I just pray for the best. Maybe marriage is destined for me or maybe it isn’t. I know one thing, I refuse to be a fool once again….

Can someone tell the DJ to play my song!?



Peace to you and welcome back!

I have never captured this scene before so I decided to take a risk and jump! I wanted to do something different but familiar. Plain yellow and white blended background and black and bold outline. No need to fill in, just plain and hip.

Could have worked on my shadows a bit but it’s cool. It’s abstract in some way. I do like this piece a lot but it’s going to be displayed in a studio so I am extremely excited about that!

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Past, Present and Future


Peace to you on this glorious morning!

I was born in New Orleans and have lived there most of my life. Growing up I would spend time with my grandmother and always found her in the kitchen. Both of them. Both were homemakers so you know the usual routine, cooking, cleaning, washing, folding, repeat LOL! Something I always wanted to be when I got married but these days it’s hard to achieve unless I marry a rich man.

I was blessed with many gifts and one which I have a strong passion for is cooking/baking. My sister is the grand baker and I just come up with all kinds of ideas. I love feeding people. I like to see their reactions and I like to make sure they are completely satisfied.

How did I get to Atlanta? Well, with prayer, a sister’s determination and skills. We ran a bakery in Union City, Georgia for about a year and always had great compliments on the food and art. I enjoyed it. From 6am to 10pm at times. This was one of the biggest experiences of my life besides having a child. I loved being in the kitchen experimenting with baked goods. I learned how to bake bread for the first time from scratch and pizza dough. It was FUN!!!

OH, AND LET’S NOT FORGET ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS!!! We had awesome regulars and some I still keep in contact with. They were my motivators and I greatly appreciated them. Now, it’s been almost 2 years since it closed physically, although we do operate from home. I miss the freedom to express and train myself with the tools that were provided. Maybe one day I’ll have a bakery or a small restaurant of my own and display my artwork in there as well.

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What Is Art? My Perspective

Peace to you and welcome!

What is art?

Hmmmm…let me see.. Well, I view everything as a form of art. From the texture of my hair, the color, the smell, and how the way it grows is art to me, for example. You know when you write, you are actually drawing. Forming shapes, connecting lines, and depending on the size of the lead or ball, you are providing width and length; boldness and slimness, etc. Or, we can look up at the sky and examine the formation of clouds, or how about a rainbow. I mean everything I am exposed to is a form of art to me.

Now, I can go deep in elaborating. The art of expressing emotions. The art of our thought process. The art of how our body functions. I can go on and on, but art is life and death. Creating and things that have been created. Art surrounds us and when we observe and ponder, we participate in the existence.

This is one of the ways I express myself, lol, since I’ve always had a hard time Expressing myself verbally.



Peace to you and welcome!

This beautiful piece of artwork is no doubt one of my favorites! I absolutely adore the color scheme, from the calmness of the background to the spiritual elevation of warmness in the foreground.

I wanted to produce an expression of relaxation and visual harmony. This one too is also up for sale and waiting to be a part of your meditation!


Kemetic Sounds


Peace to you and welcome!

“Kemetic Sounds”, an acrylic painting done on a 24×30″ canvas. This painting was a journey between the ancient world and music. Music is ancient and ever evolving. I wanted to incorporate an Egyptian feel with representation of music. As we all know, music is a universal language, a soul language and something we all can relate to.

I didn’t know exactly how this was going to turn out, but with a little patience and placement of certain things, I think it came out well. It makes me think, which I wanted to achieve. I wanted the observer to think and visually move around. I initially wanted to leave the Egyptian surrounded by the nakedness of the canvas but the more I looked at it, the more I wanted to add to it. So there you have it! It’s still on display in my art room and ready to be sold😉!

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Shades of Power



Peace to you and welcome to my blog!

My name is Carmen Baquet. Pronounced, “Bah-Kay”. I am a New Orleans native currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been painting since five years old and I have been blessed with creative gifts such as visual arts and poetry. My father’s side of the family are full of serious creative beings and quick learners but impatient.

“Shades of Power” is my latest creation done using acrylic paint on a 24×30″ canvas. I wanted to do a painting that represented women of color, all women no matter what pigmentation, to show how powerful we are. The power to give birth and tolerate so much pain during childbirth. The power of emotions, we are very emotional creatures, caring nurtures, fighting constantly for equal rights, and supporting our men as the world weighs heavily on them mentally, physically and spiritually.

I freestlyed the background, wanting to get out of the norm. Added a 3D touch for the neck jewelry. Overall, this piece is entirely different and new. My style has always contained a poetic feel and abstract. Finally, I admire ethnic cultures and to discover more about my artistic style, PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON IG: Creolequeenfromneworleans

Thank you dearly from the heart and stay tuned for more to come!!